Capacity Campaigns

A Capacity Campaign raises funds to increase an organisation’s ability to carry out its mission effectively.

Learn About Xponential Capacity Campaigns

Capacity Campaigns can be tailored to specific objectives or encompass multiple goals. It can include initiatives like program expansion, medical research, and other activities that strengthen the organisation’s ability to achieve its goals through staffing, technology, research and information. A capacity campaign has a monetary target and a timed plan for these initiatives.

A benefit of a Capacity Campaign is that it can package the organisation’s vision and the urgent community need in a manner that motivates large philanthropic donations.

Similar in strategy to a Capital Campaign, a Capacity Campaign focusses on influential peer-to-peer gift solicitation seeking significant donations that may be pledged over capacity growth period.

Typical Campaign Phases

Underpinning a successful Capacity Campaign is the foundation of a comprehensive feasibility study. It is from this first phase that three key elements of the campaign can be affirmed:

Capital Campaign and Capacity Campaign Planning Phases

Are You Contemplating a Capacity Campaign?

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Capacity Campaign Case Study