Fundraising Strategy

Xponential’s highly experienced fundraising professionals bring an in-depth understanding of how the elements of a cohesive fundraising program work together, and in-depth knowledge of what will work for you. Your strategy will be based on practical understanding of real-world fundraising, not theories.

Operational Fundraising

Raising money for everyday operational needs is the core of any charitable organisation. Xponential offers a range of services to identify opportunities, enhance your fundraising goals and build confidence within your people.

Where is the Money?

Identifying and understanding prospective and existing donors including high-net-worth and ultra high-net-worth individuals, trust and foundations and other grant funding bodies.

How Will We Get the Money?

Development of fundraising strategic plans for those who are new to fundraising or organisations that want to review or change their strategic direction.

How Do We Ask?

Xponential can write compelling funding proposals and fundraising cases to highlight your work and organisation.

How Can We Build Our Capability And Skills?

Fundraising counsel provides regular professional support and advice to assist your organisation through its fundraising efforts, with your xponential consulting team serving as ‘trusted advisors’ to your board and staff.

Working with Xponential will enable you to not only build up general income from fundraising to its full potential but also increase your inhouse capability and skills building a culture of philanthropy within your organisation. Ready to get started?

The Pathway to the Ask

Fundraising Strategy Planning Phases